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Our Specialty Grade Single Origin UGANDA SIRONKO.

The Uganda Sironko coffee plantation is a symbol of the developing coffee industry in the country. It is located in the scenic Sironko region, near the slopes of Mount Elgon. It produces great Arabica coffee beans because of the perfect altitude and temperature. The exacting harvesting and processing methods produce a distinct flavor profile that perfectly expresses this special region. Sironko coffee from Uganda is becoming more well-known for its high quality and represents the vast potential of Ugandan coffee industry.

Details are as follows:

Region = Sironko, Mount Elagon

Farm = Sironko Budadiri

Varietal = Arabica

Altitude = 1500 to 1850 M.A.S.L

Process = Washed, Specialty Grade.

Cupping Score = 86+

Screen Size = 16 to 18.

Cupping Notes = Bright Acidity, Full Bodied, Stone Fruit, Caramel, Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut

Roast Level: City plus (Omni Roast)

Brewing Recommendations = Espresso, Black Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Cortado. Filter Coffee.

Discover the energy of this unique region by experiencing the flavors of Uganda Sironko coffee. Celebrate the immense potential of Ugandan coffee by improving your coffee-drinking experience with each cup. With each sip, savor the crisp acidity, stone fruit aromas, and full-bodied richness. Select Uganda Sironko coffee to enjoy the taste of tradition and high quality.

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