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S-Cafe Premium Moka Pot (300Ml)


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What is Moka Pot?

An Italian coffee pot. A stove-top espresso maker. A moka pot. A Moka Express… Many names, but always the same thing. An inconspicuous, two-piece kettle, placed on the stove, which prepares essential, fragrant coffee in just a few minutes. If you choose the right model like SCafe Moka Pot, You just need to add fresh coffee and stick to a few basic rules, you will be able to brew coffee that will delight everyone.
We’ve got your back with a bunch of tips on how to brew coffee in a moka pot!

Step 1:
Unscrew top; remove filter funnel

To start, unscrew the top part of the SCafe Moka Pot (Espresso Maker) with the handle from the bottom part of the SCafe Moka Pot (Espresso Maker) and remove the funnel that nests inside the base of the espresso maker.

Fill base with water. Replace the funnel and fill it with ground coffee

Next, fill the base with water to the level of the safety valve. Replace the funnel into the base and fill it with ground coffee; do not press coffee down. For best
results, use fresh roasted, finely ground coffee. The recommendation is to use a 6-to-1 water to coffee ratio. For each tablespoon of coffee, use 3 oz. of water.

Tighten top to base

Tighten the top to the base.Make sure the top is completely screwed on to the base before putting on the stovetop.

Heat until coffee percolates; remove from heat and serve

Heat coffee until coffee percolates to the top. Make sure the handle of the espresso maker is not over the heat source. Remove from heat and serve. Enjoy!

In Box: 1 × 300ml Aluminium Italian Style Moka Pot.

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