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 Extra coarse: Cold Brew Coffee
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 Medium- coarse: Chemex, Clever Dripper, V60, French Press
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Our Specialty Grade Single Origin.

Our Domingo coffee farm, which stands in the center of Guatemala, grows in the ideal confluence of height, climate, and volcanic landscape. Our persistent dedication to cultivating premium beans to the highest standards results in beans with a complex, rich flavor profile and a bright, vibrant acidity. Enjoy the distinct flavor of Guatemala Domingo in every cup as a tribute to the history of the nation’s coffee.

Details are as follows:

Region = Guatemala

Varietal = Arabica Domingo (Catura, Typica)

Altitude = 1600

Process = Natural, Specialty Grade.

Cupping Score = 83+

Screen Size = 16 to 18.

Cupping Notes = Smooth less acidic, Balanced Body, Honey Sweetness, Caramel, Fruity (Black Current) spicy finish.

Roast Level = City (Medium)

Brewing Recommendations = Espresso, Black Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Cortado. Filter Coffee. (All type of Coffees)

Available in both whole beans and Custom Grind form.

Every sip of our Domingo coffee, farmed in the center of this outstanding region, is a celebration of the rich coffee tradition of Guatemala. Discover a harmonious fusion of honeyed sweetness, caramel undertones, and a hint of fruity spiciness, all painstakingly cultivated for a cup of coffee that will leave you with lasting memories. Every drink contains a bit of Guatemala’s history and flavor.

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Whole Beans, Extra Coarse, Coarse, Medium Coarse, Medium Fine, Fine, Extra Fine


4 OZ(114 Grams), 8OZ(227 Grams), 16 OZ(455 Grams), 1kg


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